About Gardners

We are a fifth generation family businesses, established in 1870, specialising in paper and plastic bags, as well as market sundries including scales, tapes and labels. 

Gardners' story begins with Paul’s Great Grandad James. James initially decided to set up a business specialising in scale repairs, catering for the many market traders working within Spitalfields at the time. The business prospered during these times and often delivered to the area via horse and carriage.

Four generations later much of Gardners remains the same. Paul Gardner has followed in the footsteps of his ancestors James, John, Bertie, Roy and Vera in keeping the family business alive, routed in the community of the East End.

Paul has been working in the business for over forty years and during this time he has built up extensive knowledge of the industry. Whether you’re a new business starting up, an established one looking for a new product or a one off buyer Paul can give you the help and advice you need in a friendly informal manner.

In 2013 Paul, like many of the small independent businesses in the area became under pressure due to the increase of rent rates. Gardner's became a focal point for local businesses to protest about the increase in rates, and after a high profile media campaign managed to secure a rental agreement to allow the business to continue. This campaign led to the creation of the East End Trade Guild, an alliance of 300 small independent businesses of which Paul is the founding member. Gardners has featured in 'Small Biz 100' leading to Paul showcasing his products at Downing Street. Paul also personally delivered a petition signed by 10,000 regarding the huge increase in Tower Hamlets and Hackney business rates. 

Gardners featuring on BBC news regarding business rate increases. 

In recent years Gardner's has been featured in several media outlets, discussing issues such as the use of plastic over paper bags and increasing rent and business rates within London. Gardners has featured on Spitalfields Life, BBC London news, Channel 4 News, ITV news, Inside Out London, the Guardian and the Economist amongst others. 

Pictured with Sadiq Kahn Mayor of London during an East End Trades Guild event. 

As of January 2020, Gardners' has relocated from 149 Commercial Street, Shoreditch to 78 Ruckholt Road, Leyton - roughly a 15 minute drive away. This was a decision made with a heavy heart; we had previously been the oldest family business in the area (150 years!), but increases in rents and business rates made our position untenable. We continue to deliver to the area, and keep in contact with many of our old friends and customers - please get in touch if you would like deliveries or to find out more information.