Downing Street

The below article cover the time in March 2017 when Paul along attended 10 Downing Street to hand in a petition in relation to the unprecedented businesses rate increases in 2017. 

Paul also attended Downing Street showcasing his produce in 2016 in line with being  nominated as one of the UK's top 100 small businesses. 

Petition calling for protection from Business Rates hikes handed to Downing Street (7/3/2017) : An article from Hackney Goverment about the time Paul, together with Len Maloney of JC Motors and Sarah Haque of Urban Species handed a petition to 10 Downing Street in protest of high business rate increases.

Petition opposing business rates hike handed to Downing Street (7/3/2017) : The Hackney Citizen article looks into the rise of business rates at the time and the petition small business sent to Downing Street due to this.

Rates hike petition: Impact on Hackney is ‘unjustifiable’ says Mayor (7/3/2017) : Article from the Hackney Gazette in relation to the above.

Tower Hamlets and Hackney mayors lead Downing Street traders’ protest (7/3/17) : Further article from the Hackney Gazette in relation to the above.