News and Coverage

Over the years, Gardners' has featured on many different platforms, covering stories about our history, our recent move to Leyton as well as our fight against rent and business rate increases as a member of the East End Trades Guild. You'll see in the drop-down menu we've categorised our coverage as follows:

  • About Gardners' - we've been supported by friends and customers who have written blogs and created videos about our history since 1870 and present-day business, including our move to Leyton in January 2020.
  • Business Rates - we fought rapid and unprecedented business rate increases during 2017 in collaboration with the East End Trades Guild. This involved a visit to Downing Street as well as a meeting with London's Mayor, Sadiq Khan. 
  • Downing Street - a lot of coverage was given to Paul's two visits to Downing Street; to hand in a petition on business rates as well as to celebrate being nominated as one of the UK's top 100 small businesses. 
  • Paper vs Plastic - the BBC's 'Inside Out' covered the shop as a great business to buy paper bags - as an alternative to plastic, which is causing environmental damage. 
  • Rent Increases - we often had to challenge our old landlords over unjustified and questionable rent increases. Thankfully we were well supported and gained much attention, causing the landlords to relent.
  • Small Business 100 - in 2017, Gardners' was nominated as one of the UK's top 100 small businesses.