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Brown Pure Kraft Paper Bags

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Brown Pure Kraft Paper Bags

These higher quality brown paper bags have been one of our best selling products throughout the years at Gardners Bags. These brown paper kraft bags are great value for money. The paper bags are a great option for food from bakeries, coffee shops, fruits, snacks and takeaways. Similar to the kraft paper bags we sell, these brown pure kraft paper bags are made to a higher quality. This makes them more reliable and less likely to split or tear, giving you more peace of mind. 

The brown paper bags have been a staple of the green grocer trade for decades. They are also useful for material items as well as arts and crafts.

These high quality brown kraft paper bags are fully recyclable, making them a good alternative to plastic as well as being environmentally friendly. Commonly used in gift shops, confectionary shops, hardware stores, market stalls and retail outlets.




Bagels / beigels


Confectionary shops

Market stalls

Street food

Arts and crafts

Coffee shops