Clear Optipack Hinged Containers

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Clear Optipack Hinged Containers

Clear Optipack Hinged Containers are great for packing food quickly and at the same time allow your customer to see the food they’re about to have the pleasure of eating. These plastic containers with lids are see-through, which can easily display whatever is inside them. Food plastic containers with lids are a great option for takeaway food.

These food hinged containers are useful for those selling from food outlets, street food markets, supermarkets and other food shops. The plastic hinged lids for food also help to avoid leakages and contaminations of other kind. The perfect clear hinged container for food storage, bakery products as well as salads, curries, and other takeaway food.

The Clear Optipack Hinged Food Containers are also useful for people storing arts and crafts accessories, like pencils, paintbrushes or soap


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